You upload your content to us one time, we then handle all of the work required to transform it into digital products and packages that meet all of the unique requirements and appeal to the Top Industry Leading Streaming Platforms. We offer you a risk-free and hands-off approach to provide you the opportunity to make your content available across over 150+ different VOD platforms and channels world-wide. We handle EVERYTHING, with transparent and easy reporting.

How it Works

Through a zero-risk non-exclusive partnership, we create new digital media products, professionally digitally packaged and ready for VOD distribution. We open the door to multiple new streams of monetization by making your content available to streaming platforms everywhere. Completely hands off, we handle everything. It’s that easy. Our business is helping creators earn more from the hard work they have already put in, opening new business opportunities that are normally locked behind expensive costs, steep experience curves, or both.

Our Clients Include

Animation Studios

Are you an animation studio or independent animator with dozens or maybe even hundreds of web series episodes?

Knowing exactly what the leading streaming platforms are looking for, we transform your existing content into new digital VOD TV-Series products that are made available to our extensive distribution network. Unlock a whole new revenue stream for the hard work you’ve already done.

Film Producers

Are you looking for a partner to manage world-wide distribution for your films?

Leverage Umbrella Media Group’s massive network of over 100+ of the Industries Top Streaming Platforms. Instantly make your films available for selection to platforms and viewers world-wide. Need a website for your film? Umbrella Media Group has your digital film distribution needs covered.

Podcast Studios

Do you manage a Podcast Studio and are only monetizing your content on standard podcast platforms?

Unlock an entirely new revenue opportunity with Umbrella Media Group. Work with us to transform your podcast episodes into curates VOD series and make them available to be picked up and streamed on TV channels across the world. Our business is helping creators earn more for the time and work they have already put in by opening new business opportunities that are normally locked behind expensive costs or steep experience curves.


Still waiting for that call from your agent that NETFLIX wants to make a deal?

Did you know, that with the right distribution partner and video production, that you can approach NETFLIX (and every other streaming platform) with a ready-to-stream video feature that could be selected by their curation team? Turn your own clips or videos from your existing channel into your own special feature, and make it available for selection everywhere.

Course Creators

Are you a course creator or instructional video personality with a large catalog of video content?

Unlock entirely new streams of revenue by entering a whole new market. Get your content in front of education and library platforms like Kanopy, hoopla, and more. For absolutely no risk or expense to you, we transform and package your content and courses into attractive and selection-worthy digital products which are then made available to over 100+ streaming platforms.

Content Creators

Do you have a catalog of content that could be converted into an interesting watch-worthy series or feature film?

Our business is helping content creators broaden their outreach and guiding them to new an untapped streams of revenue using their existing and growing content catalog. We know what the platforms want. Let us create new digital products using your content to help you earn more. We are ready to start working with you today.


Your content, Available to the Industries Top Platforms and Beyond